Content Filtering and Finding

Robert Desprez’s guest post on Adobe’s technical communication blog is about Adobe application, RoboHelp, that makes content finding easier for users. This application allows technical writers to separate their content based on the type of reader for online help. Technical writers used to write excessive content tags for projects targeting a wide audience. Each section of additional content required more proofing and testing.

With RoboHelp, the technical writer is able to create dynamic content filters. These allow users to easily choose the information they need to read. The example given is a website with online help for users, developers, and system administrators. There can also be a check for region to ensure the user only gets the information they need and can use.

The most interesting was the comparison between content being displayed on different devices. Content on a desktop has a traditional layout and takes up more room. With RoboHelp, the content is optimized for the viewport and chooses the appropriate interaction type (i.e. smartphones interacting with touch).

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-Daniel Ellman