Plain language the secret language

In the graphic design world plain language can actually be a fun language if you’re talking about the right stuff. I feel like in my first few years of college I learned the entire lingo. Now years later in my career I use these terms everyday and don’t even think twice that when I was in college I struggled to remember what these words meant.

Knowing plain language in my field actually makes life easier. In my firm we have a few clients that give us a lot of business. We deal with them a lot. They know our plain language and that makes it easiest to get through to each other and give the best service we can to them. When we talk to each other we both know exactly what we are talking about.

In my profession there are certain programs that we use to design. Our main clients are familiar and some use them as well. For example today a client came in and something we designed and printed for him turned out to be the wrong size. The conversation we had to fix the issue would have taken five to ten minutes more if not for the plain language that we both understood. The issue was resolved no problem and both the client and me and my partner we satisfied. Without plain language we’d lose time and money, not only in my profession but in anything involving plain language.


Matthew Rabarsky