Importance of Plain Language in IT Project Management

Plain language is hugely important when it comes to project management, specifically IT project management. When working on a project, I have to speak with both sides of the IT spectrum. On one hand I have the business people which know little to nothing about IT, but know all the business jargon. On the other hand, I have developers and other IT folk who know little to nothing about the business side, but know all the IT jargon. I have to act as the go between for these two parties. There is a straightforward answer for the issue of plain language. Speak like an IT professional for the IT department, and speak like a business professional in front of everyone else. But what if I have to speak to both parties at the same time? This is where plain language comes in handy. This makes business language easily understood by the IT side, and IT language easily understood by the business side. Without plain language, both side might come out of a meeting understanding what their respective side has to do, but not how it relates to the bigger picture. Without the use of plain language, the projects I need to accomplish will not be completed within scope, cost, or time.

Julian Klimas