Plain Language for Mechanical Engineers

As an engineer, choosing the right kind of language is critical. When talking between other engineers, technical terms and advanced language is used so that both people can understand what is being talked about. When an engineer is talking to someone who has a different background, it is important to speak in terms that they will understand. It is important that engineers choose their words carefully so that their audience is not left in confusion or under-informed. Most engineers use highly complex terms but it necessary that they can say the same thing a thousand different ways so everyone can understand it. Engineers must be able to communicate with the general public, as well as other engineers to be effective. Knowing your audience is very important  as an engineer, since it decides what language will be spoken in. Without plain language, the information engineers produce could be considered useless. Engineers must be able to communicate clearly, and plain language allows them to get their ideas across to a variety of audiences.

-James Bedard