Plain Language in Engineering

In Electrical Engineering, it’s very important to use simple language. Documents and manuals are usually already full of difficult terms. These terms don’t need to be further complicated by burying them within paragraphs of unnecessary, complex vocabulary. Like any other field, nobody wants to read a ten page document that could be written in three or four. With such a complex topic, it is usually important and necessary for the user to read any documentation for a proper idea of how something works. Without reading this, or just skimming, the reader may miss something important.

An important part of engineering is discussing projects with clients or customers. There is already a large amount of difficult terms and vocabulary that must be used by engineers, and this doesn’t need cluttered with additional unnecessary text. Clients may already need the technical term explained to them, and they don’t need the rest of the vocabulary to confuse them.

-Erica Neese