Improved Process

Releasing of updated software (version control) is a process I would like to improve. I have seen this be a problem in my current career, and believe it will continue in the future. My two primary issues of concern are limited compatibility and reliability testing. These are a crucial part of version control. I believe a simple processes of time intervals would dramatically improve this. Mandating software versions be released quarterly or semi-annual would allow proper time for testing. Knowing these dates allow employees and customers to easily verify current versions; plan scheduled maintenance for expected upgrades of known issues.

Multiple teams may be used when developing and maintaining a product. Teams are given specific functionalities to develop and maintain. I can understand the desire to provide a timely solution for a known issue. But caution must be taken to ensure proper device compatibility and reliability. If each team develops and releases a solution without control, platform compatibility or reliability is guaranteed to be an issue. Teams must test each other’s work, and allow other company employees to test in day to day operations ensuring a solid product.

Frequent random releases create confusion on products to employees and customers. Employees may run into issues while instructing or demonstrating in front of customers, which is bad for business. Frequent updates will be difficult for customers to keep up with, and create doubt in a product they purchased. Releasing two – four yearly updates will show consistency. Technical environments are always changing, these releases can help your company stay on top of changes. Whereas twelve – fifteen random updates could show the lack of coordination and planning with your product. Employees and customers are able to see quality of management from a company by their actions. In-effective planning may cost you physical resources and finances.