Keeping It Simple

The Technical Communications course at Rochester Institute of Technology has highlighted many important ideas about writing and editing that is useful in any field of work. One of the ideas that really stood out for me and has helped with my writing skills is the concept of keeping writing simple.

Whether it is an article, blog, proposal, or anything else directed to a specific audience, keeping it simple means that everybody reading it will understand it. Being simple can include anything from using simple vocabulary to being concise with phrases and sentences. Get the point across to the reader or audience. Do not write useless details as filler.

Other ideas that come with having a simple piece of writing include a simple structure and organization. It should not be hard to follow. Organizing thoughts in a clear order along with simple language is going to be the key to making an effective piece of persuasive or informative writing more appealing for the targeted audience.

Again, creating a proposal or article that is simple is going to eliminate any confusion or deciphering from the audience. The reader will greatly appreciate the simplicity behind the writing. This can apply to any field of work, from an engineering firm creating a proposal about a new project in the city, to a marketing agency forming the new reports on sales for the month. Keeping it simple is the difference between the reader understanding everything you are trying to say, and never understanding the point you have clearly stored in your head.

Andrew McKenzie