Project Managers in 2016

While currently I am seeking positions related to customer/software support, I believe that my true calling is in the project management field. I am using the customer/software support position to gain traction in the company, and be promoted to a project manager later in my career. Because of this, I always keep track of trends in the project management field.

One article that I found a while back can be seen here. It is a list of predictions for the project management position within organizations for 2016. CIO is a website I follow relatively regularly to check up on what is going on in the business.

While I will not bore you with a summary of the article, I would like to point out some predictions that I found interesting:

Shift Away from PM certification courses

Through my entire time at RIT, I was always told I was going to need a PMP certification at some point if I wanted to be a project manager. This course cost several thousand dollars to take, and is very difficult to complete. The author argues that this is no longer going to be a requirement for employers. While it is still going to be ‘preferred’, most candidates will not be turned down if they do not have it. This is good news for me, but also shows that the industry is shifting away from strictly academic learning, to actual experience.

Emergence of CPO’s

While this is was going to be the natural progression of the project management position, it is nice to know that it is coming soon. Great project managers are hard to come by, and invaluable to an organization when used properly. It is good to know that if I every get up to that level, there is a dedicated C-level position for me, without merging into a traditional CIO role.

– Julian Klimas