Racer Saftey

In the last decade, the safety of motorsport racers has quickly become the top priority and concern.  Racing speeds have become faster, tracks have become more intense, and the competitors have been pushing each other like never before. The motocross community has been no exception to this either. The bikes are faster, the racers are in the best condition that the sport has ever seen, and things that many thought would be impossible is now the norm. The safety of riders however has also taken an extremely sharp increase in concern and prevention. In the last few years, the sport made a huge leap in technology and safety when the 6D helmet was created.

Unlike most helmets, the 6D helmet uses ODS technology (omni-directional-suspension) to protect riders over the conventional styrofoam core. 6D’s revolutionary patented Omni-Directional Suspension embodies a fully active, in-helmet suspension and kinetic energy management system that protects rider’s in ways that other helmet’s cannot. These “pods” absorb energy from all directions upon impact, and disperse that energy  through the helmet rather that directing it towards the rider’s skull. This new technology has proven to be a major step in safety, and now almost every professional rider wears a 6D helmet.

At first, many people were skeptical of this new technology and did not believe that it was as effective as claimed to be. At one of the AMA Supercross races in Arlington Texas, Zach Bell, a young rider sustained a very serious crash in practice while wearing a 6D helmet. As Zach was going over the face of a large triple jump, his foot dragged on the lip of the jump causing him to be ejected from the bike and fall nearly 30ft to the ground, where most of the impact was taken to his head. He was able to get up under his own power and continue racing later in the night. Had Zach not been wearing a new 6D helmet, chances are he may have never gotten up from his crash. (https://youtu.be/Y-jMz-hDgz0)

At roughly $800.00 each, the 6D helmet is not cheap. Many people have trouble justifying the cost, but in reality, it is a smart and reasonable investment. You can always buy new safety gear, but not a new brain and body. The safety of racers is not taken lightly, and proper prevention is taken at all costs. The 6D helmet has proven itself in the industry, and racers everywhere swear by it. In racing, proper preparation is everything, and nothing is left behind, especially when it comes to the safest gear.


-James Bedard