Artificial Intelligence

One of the topics that computer engineers are facing, and will continue to face into the near future, is artificial intelligence.

One  current challenge is mimicking the synapses in a human brain. For computers to be able to fully succeed the processing power of the human brain, the current technique is to create artificial neurons. The human brain has about 13 billion neurons and trillions of possible synapses. The closest representation has about 16 million neurons. Unfortunately, that’s still a long way from where it would need to be to overcome the power of a human brain, but that it definitely a challenge for computer engineers to work towards in the future.

Artificial intelligence have already been able to do some incredible things. For example, the world champion Go player was recently beat by an AI, which was a groundbreaking achievement in the AI community. Go is a very complex game, that involves a lot of thinking ahead and strategy. For a computer to be able to beat a professional player, at such a complex game, great strides have been made towards very powerful AI. Of course, the match wasn’t perfect. Google DeepMind did lose one of the five games, but overall, the AI won the tournament. Computer engineers will be able to work towards bigger and better computers and artificial intelligent minds in the future.

-Caitlin Barron