Important Skills for the Modern Web Designer

Early web designers learned to develop in older versions of HTML, CSS, and JavaScript – a lot of those earlier technologies, while revolutionary at the time, did not provide very many options or work effectively for what the web designers wanted to do. In addition, many of the browsers interacted with these languages differently.

Modern web designers have a lot more options when it comes to building a website. Just some of the skills include utilizing new features of HTML5 (which encompasses HTML, CSS, and JavaScript but the languages are built to work together), frameworks, build tools, and information search technologies. The importance of each of these modern tools accessible to web designers will be expanded upon in more detail in this post.


HTML5 is the code that makes up the entire website; everything on the page is made up of HTML5 elements. HTML5 is relatively recent, but incredibly important, to the field of web design. This is because it allows for better implementation across browsers; instead of needing to write separate, specific code for each potential browser an end user could be utilizing, the code will work the same for all browsers. HTML5 is code that makes up the entire website so it is clearly a critical skill for the modern web designer; however coding the whole website independently can be unwieldy and time consuming, so other tools are also now available to make utilizing HTML5 to design a website more efficient.


Frameworks are large code sets that are ‘prebuilt’ website elements. A popular example is Bootstrap, which has a CSS theme you can utilize, example templates using their HTML elements, and pre-made JavaScript elements. Basically, Bootstrap has all the right stuff already coded so that anyone can build a pretty nice website out of just Bootstrap, which is just one of many frameworks available. A good, modern web designer will utilize frameworks to make coding a website go a lot faster.

Build Tools:

Build tools like Grunt and Gulp do the boring work for you. Basically, they help you implement your framework by putting the elements of the framework in the right spots. Grunt and Gulp do essentially the same thing but in different ways; it’s still important for the modern web designer to know the difference between these two tools and use them effectively to save time building the website. Most people end up generally using one or the other, but there are strengths and weaknesses to both so it’s critical that the modern web designer know how to use both Grunt and Gulp.

Information Search Technologies:

Google has become a powerful tool for any modern web designer; if you can think it, someone has likely done it or something just like it. Being able to search google effectively for the information you need is a critical skill for the modern web designer.