Will privacy redefine individual career options?

In today’s industry social media and technology are constantly pushing the edge. Innovations are constantly being developed allowing us to accomplish tasks that were only a thought in the distant  past. The availability of information is overwhelming and the response to this information is expected to be immediate. To survive in these areas means being able to adapt and change with the industry’s demand and requirements. Privacy is constantly a topic being discussed in these environments. With so much information being shared by a user, then additional information being captured and stored by providers. It seems a common practice for individuals to forget about their rights or wants of privacy.

So what happens when individuals working in these areas decide to keep their desire for privacy? Will it be expected they find another career field after several years of work experience, or will they have to give in to remain employed? It seems hard to be a professional in technology or almost any business field without selling out individual privacy to be competitive in today’s market. The push for conformity and demand of categorized user data is taking over in our society’s and reshaping how we view the world.

I feel many young professionals will start out conforming their individuals rights and desires to gain employment today. And wonder how many will have to start new careers in the future because they miss having privacy and not keeping up with the social media engine.