The Art of Typography

Although we did talk about typography earlier in the semester, I still feel like it is always overlooked and very underrated. Most people don’t understand the significance and the importance of font and typography. Graphic designers are meant to show your brand in a visually engaging manner. Today’s designs need to be extremely reader friendly. This makes the purpose of typography very crucial for a design. In today’s day and age of the “digital era” typography is used on a daily basis. You can change the color, font, size, pretty much anything to capture your audience’s attention. In programs like Adobe Illustrator there are endless things that you can do with font.

Typography in graphic design can be a powerful influence on how people react to a document or article. Careful selection and steady use of a certain typeface can be just as important as the use of graphics, color and images in creating a professional brand.

Typography is an art. It makes the letters come to life in your design. It has a great impact on how your design is viewed by your audience. It is as important or sometimes more important than the color and graphics used. It solidifies your image. It combines both art and science to give the best effect to your designs. Typography is one of those things that could bring your whole design together.


Matthew Rabarsky