Lessons Learned

For me, one of the biggest takeaways from this class has to be the importance of document layouts and accessibility of information. As a reader, I always would expect information to be in a specific location and easy to find when needed. Websites and visual documents should have clean and organized layouts, and an overall appeasing feel to them. Before I took this class, I had never put any thought into properly creating my own documents. For past school projects I would always make sure all the information I needed was covered, but not necessarily in a logical place. This class has taught me that you need to write and design your work for the reader, not because they want it, but expect it to be a certain way. In the future, I will definitely spend more time on the overall layout and organization of my work. Even through this class I have tried to make my work appear in a logical and clean manner, and it should be something that even basic high school English classes teach.

-James Bedard