Using Effective Graphics

One topic I learned a lot from was the subject of creating and using graphics. Studying infographics and principles for creating effective graphics is very important because visuals can be just as useful as words in conveying information.

As can be seen with Minard’s Flow Map, a graphic alone can communicate a lot of different information. However, this information isn’t always helpful unless it can be interpreted clearly and accurately by the viewer.

Another thing to remember is that certain symbols can be interpreted differently across cultures. When using visuals or designing a graphic for an international audience, it is crucial that you do research to understand how it is going to be received.

A good guideline when using graphs, tables, and charts to represent information is to first choose which medium best fits the data. If a viewer cannot easily figure out what the relationship between variables is, then the graphic is not as effective as it could be. Especially when it comes to infographics, the information you are trying to convey needs to be very clear so that it can be absorbed within a few seconds.

This topic changed the way I approach visuals and helped me to appreciate the value of a well-designed graphic. I will definitely use these principles in the future when using images in a technical document or when designing an infographic to communicate information effectively.

Eilysh Haeger