One of my greatest takeaways from the class with be the time spent on infographics. I have seen and used infographics in the past, but I have never designed one myself. I initially thought that it would not take much time at all, but I realized the challenge once I started it. Most of my time was spent gathering and parsing through data. I took a long time to get the data I needed in the right format. The outline and setup of the actual graphics was extremely time consuming, if not difficult.

Wong’s book helped me a lot. I liked how it was laid out almost like reference material. It was easy to go back through the book and see what the author suggested to do. After that assignment, I have a deeper appreciation for what creators of well planned out, and well displayed infographics have to go through. Some infographics can be deceptively simple, but a lot of information gathering and planning went into them.

I also think that this will help me in the professional world. Now I know how to make an effective infographic that I could use to present data. No longer am I stuck to powerpoint as my only option of presenting information. Infographics are the next wave in presenting data and will one day overshadow powerpoints in the professional world.

– Julian Klimas