Technical Writing as it Relates to Cyber Security

In the world of Cyber Security, being able to communicate with your peers is essential to helping the overall global security. Since many of the people on your network might be using other servers, being able to communicate the ability to stop a certain kind of threat is essential to keeping them safe, even if you’re not responsible for that particular set of data.

One of the things that I learned in the class that I believe will help me approach the sharing of ideas to superiors quickly is how to do an “elevator speech”, which is getting ideas across quickly. From what I have found, when you bring an idea up with a superior, they prefer for you to be concise about how you present ideas so they can get back to their own work.

Bringing this to working in cyber security, this could be helpful for communicating flaws with your superior if you are on a team. If you happen to find a particularly egregious flaw in the system, you are going to want to convey that quickly to your team leader or superior so they can work on a plan to fix it. This might help other networks as well, your team leader might notice that it is a native flaw and tell others about it so it can be fixed.

From what I am able to tell, this skill would be helpful outside of my field. Being able to communicate a lot of information in a concise manor is a skill that helps with any kind of business.

-Will Eatherly