Instruction and Procedure

Over the course of this semester we covered a lot of interesting topics. Technical communication turned out to be much more useful to my career and life in general. The topics we covered have stayed in the back of my mind every since we covered them. They were all very interesting to me. One assignment in particular that has stayed glued to my brain is assignment 2 Instruction and Procedure. In this assignment we had to break down and analyze the Memphis Folding stairs. I haven’t put one together personally, but I have climbed up and down them a numerous amount of times. This assignment to me, defined the course. By breaking down the technical instructions piece by piece and analyzing it, I saw the product through the author of the instructions eyes. I saw why he wrote them the way he did. I saw the purpose of all of the safety instructions. I saw why he paragraphed the instructions the way he did. It was quite fascinating.

I used to skim over the instruction manual whenever I bought a new product. For now on I will read it from cover to cover and not take it for granted any longer.


Matthew Rabarsky