Analytical Reports

During one week of Technical Communications class at Rochester Institute of Technology, students focused on the concept of analytical reports. This was perhaps one of the most useful concepts for the class because it is useful in almost every career. It is obviously a large part of a technical communications career, but it can also be useful in a cybersecurity job (I am majoring in Computing Security).

No matter what the topic is, analytical reports are needed to ensure quality and information of a project. So in a field like network security, if a security company has a client that needs their network secured, than an analytical report should be formed to plan out the details of the job as well as document the specifics such as price, location, time, etc.

The beautiful thing about technical communications is that no matter what field of study you are looking at, technical communications is going to be needed to deliver the information from company to client in an organized and clear manner. Analytical reports are one of the many parts of technical communications that plays a crucial role in all careers due to their ability to communicate information to the client with organized documentation.

Andrew McKenzie