Taking this class has definitely affected the way in which I approach my work. I take audience into consideration more than I ever have. I consider the needs and wants of my readers, rather than only thinking about what I want to say. I do still say what I want to say, but I adjust the way that I put it. For example, when I’m writing a lab report for my digital systems class, I stick to writing about the lab and the data and what we can derive from the information that was gathered. I wouldn’t write about how happy I felt during the lab, because the person grading my lab report doesn’t care, and it has no place in that document.

I have a better understanding of how the reader’s needs play into how they interpret the information that is presented to them. Audience is important in any work that will be done. In engineering, it is important to take the needs of the client very seriously when designing a product, or the product will be useless to them. Also, during presentations, it is easy to lose people’s attention if you don’t think about what they want to hear or how they want to hear it.

Learning about audience has given me the information that I need to make sure that my audience gets the maximum necessary information out of a document that I write or an image that I create.