Adobe Technical Communication Suite (2017 Release)

Hello, this is like the other recent bloggers  my first blog post every. The following is a summery of another recent technical writing blog post.

On January 30th Tech Writer Today Magazine posted “TechWhirl First Look: Adobe Technical Communication Suite (2017 Release)”. In the blog Connie Giordano goes into the new Technical Communication Suite (2017 release). Anyone who is in the field of communication or in content producing should take the time to really look into Adobe Technical Communication Suite (2017 release). This new product brings all of the necessary tools into one place. The context for the user is compatible throughout devices.
The suite is composed of three main tools:

  • FrameMaker (2017 release)
  • RoboHelp (2017 Release)
  • Adobe FrameMaker Publishing Server (2017 release)

Along with these three there is a list of supplemental tools including:

  • Adobe Captivate 9
  • Adobe Presenter 11
  • Adobe Acrobat Pro DC
  • Adobe RoboScreenCapture
  • Adobe RoboSource Control

The new FrameMaker (2017 release) has been newly designed for organization and ease of use. In the new design users will see a more functionality driven workspace that allows higher productivity. The product also operates much faster and has new methods for importing media.
RoboHelp (2017 Release) is keeping with the times working with new media types and shortens operations. The product also provides consistent environments across devices.
Adobe FrameMaker Publishing Server (2017 release) automates many function for ease of use in large organization wide content workflows. The program also works to keep people informed on jobs and responsibilities. The program exports in a wide variety of formats and integrates add-on products. In summery this package is everything one needs to create rich content amongst numerous devices.

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-Ben Yager