Ffeathers: “How to Write a Presentation”

This article by Sarah Maddox details some very important tips and guidelines to follow when writing and preparing for a presentation.  Sarah first outlines the general way she would write a presentation and then goes on to describe tips for preparing for the presentation and helpful tricks when it comes to actually getting in front of the crowd. The types of presentations being discussed here are those that one might propose to be submitted to a conference or event.

First, Sarah recommends to always be on the lookout for any ideas. Having a way to write down your ideas at the ready is very useful so that you do not forget. This is also a great time to think up a title to get you started on the actual presentation. When it comes to actually submitting an idea for a presentation, look at your title once more to ensure that it will fit the audience in this context. Next, create an outline for the whole presentation and a brief summary to be submitted, paying special attention to the audience here as well.

The next stage is to actually create the presentation. Continue to keep a way to record any ideas handy because a good idea can strike at any moment. When developing the outline further start with the slide titles and headers which the audience will see, then move on to developing the speaker notes. By writing out the speaker notes at this stage one can realize what is most important and needs to be written or simply displayed as an image. This will prevent the slides from being filled with text.

When preparing for the delivery of a presentation practice by actually speaking the full presentation, out loud. Being able to hear yourself is important to point out the parts in the speaker notes that sound awkward and need to be replaced. At this stage, you should also be timing your presentation. Finally, there are things you can do to conquer stage fright. If you start your presentation nervous, step forward and this motion will make you more confident and the audience will be more inclined to listen to you.

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