Attaching files in AVImark Veterinary Management Software


For our second blog post we were asked to discuss a process from our current or future field and then describe how we would improve upon that process.

I currently work at a veterinary hospital where we use a veterinary practice management software called AVImark.  One of the many features of this software is the ability to attach documents and other digital media to codes in the medical history section.  This allows us to electronically access things that we might otherwise only find in the patients actual paper chart, like lab work from an outside site, or discharge instructions etc.

Currently the process by which we attach these items is a bit cumbersome.  We scan the document from the paper chart to our shared network folder. We then open AVImark and find the appropriate patient, and the code that we would like to attach it too, and then go into the shared folder find the file and attach it. 

Here’s a link to a YouTube video that goes over the steps you would follow in the actual software.

AVImark has the capability for you to attach many file types.  I feel like we are under utilizing this function and over complicating the process of attaching these documents.

The only documents that we should be physically scanning are those that are not available in another digital format.   We waste so much time scanning things that could easily be attached in one step.  For example many of my coworkers are scanning discharge instructions that have been generated in word, then printed out and put in the medical chart.  We could simply just attach the word document to the discharge instruction code in the AVImark software and be done with it.

The same goes for other types of media as well. I have seen co-workers open an email, download an image or copy it into word, print the image, then scan that printed image and attach it as a PDF, instead of simply attaching the jpeg in AVImark.

The amount of time and energy wasted through our current process astounds me.  If I were to change this process I would simply encourage everyone to stop changing media formats and simply attach them at step one.   I know that some of our staff will need more guidance than others, as all of their computer literacy levels vary, but feel that with a little instruction this small tweak could really improve our efficiency.

~Diana Lynn Schwartz