Blog Post 2

I am a freshman in this college this year and my major is Industrail Design. The reason why I chose this major is that I like art since I was in primary school. Luckly, my father is also an artist who does oil painting. Fine Art is hard for me, so I decided choose design as my major. Also, I like cars, including both the design of cars and the power that a car can have. For me in the future, I really hope that I can join a famous car company like Pagani or McLaren. I know that this might be one of the most difficult thing in the world, but I would like to try. So what I need to do in my college life is to prove everything relate to design drawing technique, manipulative ability and also my thought of design. Actully I’ve been working on this since I was in high school. I think the education in college can improve me into a higher level. If I fail join those campanies in the future, I think I might will change goal to design something relate to technological stuff, like computer or some brand new stuffs in the future. Who knows that. Nevertheless, what I can do right now is still try my best to study and improve myself