C++ For Engineers and Scientists

C++ is an object oriented programming language. As such there is a certain process to the creation of programs.  To begin the process the programmer types the code into the editor. This allows them to debug the program  and figure out the functionality of the program.

The edited code becomes the source  for the program. This can be further edited and put into the compiler. The compiler is where the code becomes the program. THe output of the compiler is called an object program, which is a machine language version of the code. This is what the computer will actually read(1’s and 0’s).   Additional code has to be combined with the object program before it is executed.

The final step is to load the new machine code into the main memory for actual execution.

In order to improve this process, I would have something that debugs the program as I am typing. This would save time and resources. I would also have an application that gives me access to the source code while executing the program. That way I could detect problems as a I go through.


-Hakeem Buchanan