Did you plug it in?

Networking is a big part of what I do as an I.T student and its a big part of our world as a whole. See technology has gotten to the point where the software makes things easy to use without the user having any knowledge about the product works. This is a problem for me since then as soon as the product stops working people freak out and ask me. Now that may be my job but what im talking about are those people that look at the monitor and call it the computer; their questions are the worst .

The computers in the grand scheme of things isn’t very smart. People make it seem like this scary all knowing void when in reality its just a box that cant do anything unless you tell it to. When a computer “breaks” usually its the consumers fault because they didn’t “talk” to the computer in a way that it understood. The problem then falls to which layer did the communication break down.

  1. Physical
  2. Network
  3. Internet
  4. Transport
  5. Process and Application

I.T covers these 5 layers however that doesn’t mean I would be able to help you with your problem. See depending on which company you work for you maybe I.T help for the company that runs your physical and network but not the transport and/or the App. That’s where we run into a problem see when people call they want to be able to get there thing fixed and when they find out that they called the wrong place they get mad and confused. This process needs to stop and there are two ways that we could stop this.

The first idea is to be able to have open communication with all the companies running your computer service. This way after describing your problem I can easily transfer you and your problems. This would be a very efficient way to take the existing system and make it better. We could probably switch to a system where the company would monopolize all the layers however make it so that there were multiple  companies doing it so it was fine.

The second idea is people start familiarizing themselves with the computer and teach themselves the different layers and problems so they know who to call. Its exactly like how everyone should learn how the inside of a car works that way if it breaks you dont get scammed over by the mechanic. In the end I think people should learn how technology works.

-garrett steele