Walk ins Not Welcomed

When it comes to the field of Computing Security people may tend to believe that the job revolves around sitting at a computer and monitoring traffic on a network or analyzing threats that may happen to a computer from another computer. The problem of in person “hackers” stealing information is often overlooked, this part of the Computing Security field can be very important to the safety of the company or entity that you are working for or even yourself. As a Computing Security student I have realized how easy it is to have information stolen off of a person or even probing to see what someone is doing or how skilled they are using technology just by looking at what they are doing on their phone or computer. The problem doesn’t stop at stealing information from one person by giving them a USB with malicious software or going dumpster diving to find information. Another big problem is a person who acts and looks the part of someone official but instead is trying to get access to information within a company, for instance acting the part of an IT guy to sneak into a room that may have servers or other information that could be stolen.

It is important for the safety of the company that keeping information secure from all threats including a lone shark probing for information, but often you can see how easy it is to get where you’re not allowed simply by acting the part. One instance of this could be seen as a 17 year old was able to gain VIP access at a Democratic debate and shake hands with Hillary Clinton just by acting the part as a staff member then eventually ending up taking Bill Clinton’s seat and talking to Bernie Sanders wife. If this student had been planning something malicious something very devastating could’ve happened at the event.

Company’s need to start having more strict security when it comes to services being provided from outside of the company to prevent theft of information. Company’s need to figure out a way in which to keep the security tight around these providing company’s potentially by having separate verification for these workers that are handed out to the providing company by the company in which the service is taking place such as an authenticator. This could prevent information from being stolen from the company and if more companies become knowledgeable about the security that should be taking place at the front desk a lot of money and information could be saved in the long run.

-Gavin Millikan