Heathcare Process

In the healthcare field the computer programs and record keeping process has been very difficult to get a good system working.

The process I would like to change would be the process of getting the diagnosis and course of treatment through a website.

Right now when you go to the doctor to get checked out because of an illness, or just for your yearly check up, chances are you will receive a lot of  information on how to improve your health, and any issues you may be experiencing. Typically they  will relay this information through words and expect you to remember and know what they are talking about, and if your at all like me, you’ll be listening take everything in, then on the drive home completely space on everything they had discussed with you. You can call the office and ask for a recap of what was discussed, but that just makes it seem like you weren’t paying attention.

If I could change this I would want there to be a website so the doctor while visiting can click on certain cues that would have treatments and recommendation coded in. That way once you leave the office you can log into the website under your name or your child’s name and review the information without having to feel like you are forgetting or missing something.

-Courtney L.