Infographic Adventure

This week for my technical communications class, we were asked to create an infographic using the strategies and tips we learned in our assigned readings.  We were also given some tools to use to help those of us who were really new to graphic design (that’s me!).

I settled on Piktochart’s graphics design site.  They had a lot of clean modern templates that appealed to me.  I also liked the tutorial provided, there was both a video and helpful pop up tips as you explored the site initially.   

For the subject of my graphic I decided to pick something that related to my future profession.  I am currently in my clinical rotation as a Cardiac Sonography student at RIT. As part of the requirements of our rotations we keep a patient log in which we record pertinent cardiac related information for each patient we see. I see anywhere from 5-9 patients a  day and have been doing so 5 days a week for almost 7 months now.  As you can imagine I have surmounted a pretty good amount of data in that time.  So I decided to put that data to good use.

I decided to focus on something fairly simple that I record for every patient, their cardiac risk factors. For sanity’s sake I only reviewed the last 3 months of data, which still gave me a sample size of approximately 300 patients.  I took this data and some fun facts and constructed my first infographic.  The final product is below :). Keep in mind this is meant to be a full page document, not an image squished into a blog post.


~Diana Lynn Schwartz