Plain language in hospitality.

The use of plain language is vitally important in the hospitality industry in more ways than one. When in a leadership role plain language is useful when training new employees who may not know the specific terms and also guiding new employees in general when giving instructions that need to be carried out correctly. In this case, plain language will prevent the misinterpretation of instructions and for new employees, plain language can slowly be replaced with the specific terms so that the employees can learn the industry-specific language.

Plain language can also be useful for any employee during many guest interactions, especially in the tourism industry. When working in this industry there will be numerous times when one must communicate with a guest who speaks a different language and using complex words will confuse many who do not speak the native language. Here, plain language is very useful when directing guest and even when ensuring the safety of guests when instructions need to be clearly and correctly followed in a timely manner.

-Thomas Skowronski