Levels of Edit

There has been a lot content that was discussed in the course. Levels of edit was the one thing that really does seem to apply more into my daily life. I hope to improve each time with each document produced. The one topic that has stood out the most was levels of edit. This was something I had not used or seen before taking this course. The process was very helpful in filtering down what to look for in each stage of proofreading or editing of the document. The levels were broken down into 4 categories, revising, substantive editing, copyediting, and proofreading. This will help make my writing skills to new heights. The levels of edit give a better insight of the documents structure, subjects, readers, organization, overall design, consistency, spelling errors or mistakes. Each stage focuses on a different aspect of the document, making you look at it differently each time. The edits each time make the document look more composed and professional. I was only looking over the document for spelling errors, or any grammatical errors. I see myself adopting this form of editing in future lab reports, and documents.


– Ian Tobin