Plain Text in the IT field

Plain text is extremely important in the IT field for two different reasons.

First, it’s important because being clear and concise and using language everyone can understand is a huge part of the IT technicians job. People who are usually less technologically literate are coming to me for answers. Giving them the real answer is sometimes too much for them to handle. Giving people the short sweet answer that is easy to understand (even though it may not encompass what the actually problem is) is what matters. People don’t usually want to know the why they just want the answers/solution. Granted I can give them said “why” if they are truly wondering what the problem is. Plain text is good as a starting point for showing those that are technologically illiterates what the why is in a simple way. When you give them an easy to read start they will eventually start to piece together the why the problem is over time. This kind of understanding all starts with simple to read language.

Second, plain text is data that represents only characters of readable material(ASCII). Plain text has a multitude of uses from working in many text editors and utilities to being able to work in a command line interface. Plain text is universal which makes it so great. It takes up very little space and is correctly operable by 99% of systems.  Basically, it is the perfect tool for making and including an instruction Manuel on a software product.

– Garrett Steele