Being Personable in Healthcare

I am currently taking a health communications course here at RIT and it has recently taught me the importance of being personable and likable in the healthcare field.

This class has interested me into looking into how a doctor or anyone in the healthcare field for that matter affects the trust and cooperation a patient has when dealing with an issue. If the doctor you are seeing is trustworthy and more personable, it has been proven that the course of treatment will be follow closer and the healing probability is higher than if someone was to have a doctor whom they did not trust or weren’t personable. One of the problems with this is that doctors are being taught the biomedical information but not the inter-personal skills that someone who deals with illness and possibly frequent death need to learn.

This is very concerning to me and because of this I have made it a point to learn and improve my interpersonal skills.

While I do not plan on becoming a doctor I do plan on working in a healthcare field in either a hospital or nursing home, working on the EHR (electronic health records). While some may think there isn’t a lot on patient interaction here, which typically is true, I really want to work on making the EHRs better for the patients as well as the providers. I want to make it a point to interact with these patients and see how this process could improve for them, and part of getting truthful information is having inter-personal skills. The patients aren’t going to confide in me and tell me what they think needs to be fixed if I am not personable, and am not being trusted to take the feedback and put it to good use.

You wouldn’t think that something as small as making yourself a better communicator, could impact how successful your career and product are, but this class has really made me think twice about the way I can come off and how I plan to communicate with my future consumers.

-Courtney L.