Researching various IT roles

I recently switched my major from Microelectronic Engineering to Computing and Information Technologies. One of the main reasons I changed majors was because the Information Technology field is wide-ranging and there are many different roles you can pursue. I am still trying to learn about the different job titles and figure out which part of IT I would like to specialize in. I googled the most in demand IT job roles and found a good article:

I have summarized the different roles and their salaries below:

  • Software Engineer
    • Design, develop, maintain, test and evaluate software and systems
    • Average Salary $93,000
  • Systems Engineer
    • Deals with work-processes and tools to manage risks on projects
    • Average Salary: $91,000
  • Software Developer
    • Design, develop and maintain the operation of database-driven ASP .NET/C# Web applications
    • Average Salary: $89,000
  • Java Developer
    • Create and support Web-based Java applications, Web services and Web interfaces.
    • Average Salary: $98,000
  • Business Analyst
    • Responsible and accountable for all business aspects (i.e., technical, operation, economical) of the requirements and analysis phase of a project.
    • Average Salary: $84,000
  • .NET Developer
    • Design and build applications using the Microsoft .NET Web services development framework
    • Average salary: $91,000
  • Web developer
    • Build the operations end of the organization’s website and keep them running smoothly
    • Average Salary: $82,000
  • Systems Administrator
    • Install, maintain, and support an organizations information technology systems
    • Average salary: $77,000
  • Project Manager
    • Plan, execute and finalize projects according to strict deadlines and within budget
    • Average Salary: $93,000
  • Network Engineer
    • Also known as network architect, designs and implements computer networks
    • Average Salary: $91,000

I am very interested in the Business Analyst role. I think it would be a fun and fulfilling job to help a company become more effective and efficient via technology. This role would vary a lot in everyday tasks, which I like.

Another role in IT that this article sparked my interest in is the Systems Engineer role. The Systems Engineer designs and implements the networks for their company. Also, the Systems Engineer is responsible for installing, configuring, testing and maintaining operating systems, application software, and system management tools.

These are my current thoughts on which IT role I would like to pursue. I wouldn’t be surprised if my interests change as I take more classes in the IT field.

-John Hill