The Search for the right place

I recently switched majors from computer engineering to IT. Most of the reason was because I just didn’t enjoy the field that much anymore, but I always thought that some of the aspects were really cool. Some of these aspects are represented in the IT field so I thought I would narrow down a couple of big section in the field and see what they hold.

After reading over these I think System administrator is what I would like to go for. With a system administrators job I’m able to fulfill the love I have for the hardware aspect of computers while simultaneously working with software to make sure everything is running smoothly. Its a field i can really see myself doing and with a median salary of 77,000 and an 8 percent growth rate on jobs if I can make myself even a little useful I’ll be able to get a decent start where I can learn the ropes and climb the ladder. I feel like this is a field where you can really climb as well since the more you know/handle well under pressure the higher up you can go and also be respected by fellow sys admin. The Trick is you have to be good at what you do. That is why I’m going to start perusing that here and get a leg up on the competition.

-Garrett Steele