Discovering Myself at RIT

I’m in my final year at RIT as a student in the School of Individualized Study. I began my academic career at RIT as a transfer student, and I transferred into the Information Technology degree, hoping to further my studies and become a computer programmer, or if I wanted a challenge, a system administrator. As it turned out, I didn’t like either of those options, and I wasn’t feeling motivated enough to complete my degree, and I looked into other options for myself to see what I could do with IT in another sense.

I took a few classes at RIT, and realized I enjoyed my work as a student. I liked writing assignments, I enjoyed working in groups (most of the time), and I felt like I had a sense of belonging. It was my major that I felt was isolating me, so I looked into my other interests. I had always been interested in law, so I wondered what I could do with that. Since I enjoyed writing, I also looked at some options. I realized I had a lot I could do, and decided to pursue a dynamic degree to incorporate all of those interests together. I became a student of RIT’s School of Individualized Study.

I began not knowing much of where I wanted to go in terms of career, and I believe RIT has helped me figure it out along the way. I am easily a good example of not knowing exactly what my plans are when I “grow up” given my age, and it took attending a school that helped me build confidence and skills, and provide a sense of belonging and being around brilliant minds. Perhaps I will become a lawyer in the future, but for now, I can say with confidence that I have a lot of options in the meantime. Go for your dreams, and don’t give up until you find your happiness. Even when you do, keep evaluating yourself and never stop improving.

– Amy Platteter