Final Blog Post

For our last post we were asked to discuss one of the topics we covered in our course that we thought would be most useful to us going forward into our future careers.  I will begin my new career as a Cardiac Sonographer at the beginning of June.   My job will primarily involve interacting with my patients and acquiring ultrasound images of the heart.  Once these images are obtained I am responsible for analyzing them and creating a preliminary diagnostic report which is then reviewed and finalize by a cardiologist.

I may also have the opportunity to be involved in research in my new position.  This is where I think what I have learned in Techcomm will be most useful.  I would utilize the research methods discussed in this course as well as the persuasive tactics if I were required to present an actual research proposal.  If I were to present my topic to my peers I would likely use visual aids.  They may include posters or info-graphics, and certainly PowerPoint presentations.

This is just one example of how Techcomm may be used, as we have all learned throughout this semester, Techcomm is really everywhere.  The skills we have learned in this course will have practical uses for all of us regardless of our chosen career paths.

~Diana Lynn Schwartz