The Final Post- It been a long day….

For our last post we were asked to talk about the topic that we think would be the most impactful for us going forward. I think the one skill that I learned from this class that I will use will be logical mapping. The skill has many uses from being able to be used when writing a final paper to writing a final proposal for a new water purification system that will give clean water to the southern hemisphere.  Logical mapping is when you take a big thing and break it down into little things and then breaking those little things into smaller things. It can help you visualize what stuff needs to get done while simultaneously giving you a clear objective.

It clears up the process of trying to figure out what to write about and it allows for a better flow of sentences. In IT I know that I will someday have to write-up reports on systems and I know that without this method I would be lost. A companies computers system is sometimes so vast that its hard to tell where to start. With logic mapping labeling out what is the problem, how can we fix it, what will be the cost, or rather how did I fix it will be a breeze and I wont have to sit there crying myself to sleep that night.

I honestly have really enjoyed this class the discussions were always fun and I learned a a lot about how to write well structured reports with good info in a well designed format. While i think logic mapping is the best thing that I got out of this class I believe that there is much more that I learned that will also help me in my years to come and am thankful that I took this ride.

-Garrett Steele