Plain Language in Communication

For the final blog post, we were asked to talk about a topic which will change the way we approach work. To me, the use of plain language in communication will change the way I work the most. I have always been overly wordy and end up going to the thesaurus to get synonyms for words. I thought that the more you describe what you are writing an essay on was always the best. However, this doesn’t translate well into communicating with other people at work. It is unnecessary to add extra words that don’t add to a memo in order to increase the word count.

Using wordy language gets into the way of the real topic whether that is in a manual or a memo to your boss. The longer a memo or manual is the less likely it is to be read fully, often being skimmed for important information. So why not just only have important information so that people don’t sift through excess information. In my future career as an engineer, I will have to be communicating all the time, just like any other career. So while this benefits me the most I think it can apply to every profession as well.

-Matthew Blanc