One of the most important things this class has changed about my work is my editing process. Before this class I didn’t really take any time to edit my work before submitting it. This class has changed my thinking about this subject. Editing is a crucial part of any work that is going to be looked at by other people. It represents yourself and your knowledge, and you want to ensure you are putting your best foot forward at all times. After this section of the class, I became very aware on the best practices of editing your work.

Personally the levels of edit really helped me with the proper approach and time to do the steps of the editing process.


When you revise the document as a whole, instead of piece by piece while you are reading.

2.Substantive editing

Paying attention to organization, design, and content. This in my opinion is the most important level of editing because it really affects if you got your message across or not, and if it’s legible to the reader.


Ensuring clarity, persuasion, and consistency.


Only checking grammar, misspellings, and usage issues.

This subject has caused me to not only edit my documents for this class, but all the papers and assignments I encountered this semester.

-Courtney L.