Summary of “Home Tour | Neutral Tones and Natural Materials in Southern Sweden”

I chose to follow These Four Walls, it is a blog about interior design, lifestyle & travel.  The style of the blog and interiors is Scandinavian, meaning very simple and light.

In this blog post, we get walked through a newly built stone villa.  The clients wanted a house feeling like it has always existed, meaning timeless, with elements of the surrounding landscape incorporated into the architecture and interior.  The design draws in sandy colors and natural textures, complimenting white, crisp walls.  There is glass in every room, blurring the boundaries of the home.  The clients wanted an open floor plan, meaning they wanted all of the main rooms (living, dining, and kitchen) to be almost one room essentially.  They included some staple chairs and lighting to be the main focal points against all of the plain walls and colors.

Stephanie Prince