Describe and Discuss a process in future career field. By Christian Lusardi

Image quality is one aspect of my future career that will be very important. I want to go into the autonomous vehicle industry to help build self-driving cars. In order to do this, cars are being outfitted with multiple cameras that will allow them to see their surroundings. These cameras need to be as advanced as possible as well as very high quality. In order to ensure this, the cameras need to be tested on a series of standardized tests such as the Modulation Transfer Function. This will tell you how sharp the image is at a given frequency, basically telling you how sharp of an image you can get from the camera. Another test is color accuracy, this can be done by using a color checker, which is essentially a grid of predetermined colored squares that will allow you to tell how far off your imaging system is from the actual color of the original piece. This is crucial because without that, a car may not know what color a traffic light is and it could cause a problem. You also need to check how good the lens system is at focusing different wavelengths of light. This is important because wavelengths will all be focused at different points due to their inherent nature. This means that you need to have special coatings on the lenses to allow the light to focus more easily.

There are many more steps to the process of image quality but those are a couple of the incredibly important ones that can make or break an imaging system.