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Smartphones Are The New Cellphones

RJ Jacquez was one of the bloggers I chose to follow and he blogged about smartphones out selling traditional cell phones for the first time in history. I’m not surprised by this because during this day and age smartphones are becoming more of a necessity. Smartphones are becoming more affordable so that can contribute to the sales increases also. RJ predicts that soon enough traditional cell phones will become nearly extinct and smartphones will be the “common” phone to have, which I agree with. Smartphones are not only a way to communicate, but a GPS, camera, and computer in your pocket as well. You have the world at your fingertips and can find any information on your phone that would be able to look up on your computer at home. This can be so helpful to an engineer, for example if you needed to look up metal specifications, formulas or even send photos of your project to colleges you would be able to do so instantaneously with a smartphone. The manufacturing cost of smartphones is also decreasing so smartphones are becoming more economical to consumers.  This article also commented on Microsoft overtaking Blackberry for the third place in smartphone market share, behind Android and Apple.

Tallon Rood