Ovio Charges your IPhone

The Chinese company Ovio has noticed a problem that many of us young people have, we are attached to our phones so much that they die when they are needed most. Ovio has come up with a solution for this problem, a portable charger that fits in your pocket and runs off of four double a batteries. With this simple piece of equipment apple iPhone users can charge their phone wherever they are.

There are two plastic piece with electrical receptors and an outlet for you to plug your iPhone in to. Ovio will charge your iPhone to 100% in little to know time. You can help Ovio become a mass produced product by donating to them on their kickstarter.

-Sean Terry


Kia GT five-door approved, will tackle A7, Panamera

The Kia GT is a sporty four-door concept car that was first introduced in the Frankfurt auto show back in 2011. But it has been given the green light to go into production, estimated around 2016. This model is to run against expensive competitors such as the Audi A7 and the Porsche Panamera, but for thousands less which would interest the current buyer much more. This model is predicted to have a 3.3-liter turbocharged V6 making 389 horsepower and 394 pound-feet of torque, accompanied by an 8-speed automatic transmission. Some of the flasher parts of the car such as the suicide doors will not be put into production, due to the average transition from concept to showroom. Other models of the GT have been speculated to be in future production, but the auto maker must see how the GT itself does in the market.


Chandler Daub

Smartphones Are The New Cellphones

RJ Jacquez was one of the bloggers I chose to follow and he blogged about smartphones out selling traditional cell phones for the first time in history. I’m not surprised by this because during this day and age smartphones are becoming more of a necessity. Smartphones are becoming more affordable so that can contribute to the sales increases also. RJ predicts that soon enough traditional cell phones will become nearly extinct and smartphones will be the “common” phone to have, which I agree with. Smartphones are not only a way to communicate, but a GPS, camera, and computer in your pocket as well. You have the world at your fingertips and can find any information on your phone that would be able to look up on your computer at home. This can be so helpful to an engineer, for example if you needed to look up metal specifications, formulas or even send photos of your project to colleges you would be able to do so instantaneously with a smartphone. The manufacturing cost of smartphones is also decreasing so smartphones are becoming more economical to consumers.  This article also commented on Microsoft overtaking Blackberry for the third place in smartphone market share, behind Android and Apple.

Tallon Rood



The new low-cost solution to a great smartphone

Hey, This is Paul Persaud again writing straight to you reporting from the Motorola Official. They have researched and released the cheapest usable smartphone for our generation. Usually everything you’re looking for in a smart phone without a contract ends up costing you around $500 right? Nope, not any more. With the new Moto E, you can do all your favorite smartphone applications, and they have a beautiful screen, and a rigid phone. At $129 USD (no strings attached), you’ll be up and running in no time. In the industry today, certain fruit-based phones have sold their phones with a certain premium: If you can afford the $729, you received this status icon of a phone with stylish edges and a simple OS. Why can’t you get that same experience for under $200? Today that question has been answered.

“To quote Sinclair: “We really think that mobile access to the Internet and everything that the Internet brings — education, job opportunities, social connections, entertainment – should be available to everyone. Our hope is that we’re delivering that kind of freedom and access to people. They could find work, or they could sell something they’ve built, or stay in touch with their daughter who left home for the first time – that’s a powerful thing, and not everyone can afford the highest end device to pull that off.””
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