Heartbeat of the Holidays


Thomas Skowronski


Class Reflection- Patrice Golbourne

The topic that we covered in class about creating graphics really helped me to understand why graphics are so important to have in any technical document. After creating my own infographic, I realized how important it is to know your audience. Learning about how to create graphics has not quite changed the way in which I approach my work. However, I have gotten a deeper understanding of how to choose the appropriate kind of graphic and how to use it effectively. I will used what I learned from this topic to help me with presentations that I may have to give in the future. Also, I will use the many different guidelines from Practical Strategies of how to create an effective graphic for an audience.

Patrice Golbourne

Social Media and Sports

One of bloggers I chose to follow was Tristan Bishop, one of his recent blogs was “Winning the Social Media Superbowl”. In this blog Tristan uses images to connect the game of football to having a positive social media presence. He also compares social media marketing to running an offense and social customer service to coordinating a defense. In his blog he talks about “covering the whole field” and by that he went on to talk about sites and blogs, social channels and public conversations. Tristan also discussed that “offensively” you need to be able to promote and share your company’s products and ideas while “defensively” you need to be able to quickly respond to public customer challenges. And “recapping the season” is where you would asses where you are after a quarter, what did the company do well, where the company can improve and then set goals for the next “season”. This blog mad a lot of really strong connections between something I am familiar with, football, and not so familiar concepts such social marketing and social support. I thought this blog was really well composed and informational.

By Tallon Rood