“Maximizing the Investment in Transportation Projects” by Becky Moylan Summary by Patrice Golbourne

In this blog post, it briefly discusses the importance of Life Cycle Analysis (LCCA), which helps to determine the most cost-effective options that impact both pending and future costs. Beth Osborne from Transportation America believes that there should be a course to train leaders in LCCA (Moylan, 2014). This will be helpful to maintain budgets and infrastructures. After reading this post, I also felt that LCCA should be incorporated into the decision-making process for civil engineers.

Here is a link to the Life Cycle Cost Analysis Report: http://www.asce.org/Infrastructure/Life-Cycle-Cost-Analysis-Report/

The report contains information on Life Cycle Costs in transportation, existing federal policy, life cycle cost analysis at the state and local level, policy recommendations, and more.

Patrice Golbourne