What I’ve learned in Tech Comm

Throughout this semester in Technical Effective Communications we have covered many topics relating to how to form and write a professional document or piece. One topic that has stood out to me is the use and importance of infographics. Infographics are used to help explain or show an idea without the use of lots of words but instead uses graphics and images to get a point across. Which can be more eye appealing to the audience and keep them engaged. Learning about infographics has changed the way i approach my work because it teaches me that writing a proposal or having an writing presentation is not the only way to display a set of information. Instead you can use a group of pictures, graphs or charts designed in an organized and easy to read layout. The graphics are able to tell a story of its own for a minimum amount of words.

Being a mechanical engineering technology student , I will use what i have learned for future experiences at work, by helping me with giving presentations, or proposals that i may have to give at work, either to a boss of mine or just to other coworkers. Since mechanical engineers design products and mechanisms that can be manufactured and produced. So by being able to know how to display the information that i have proposed in an professional manner in a work area, will help me get a better job and succeed in the business world.

Kaity Wolford


Ovio Charges your IPhone

The Chinese company Ovio has noticed a problem that many of us young people have, we are attached to our phones so much that they die when they are needed most. Ovio has come up with a solution for this problem, a portable charger that fits in your pocket and runs off of four double a batteries. With this simple piece of equipment apple iPhone users can charge their phone wherever they are.

There are two plastic piece with electrical receptors and an outlet for you to plug your iPhone in to. Ovio will charge your iPhone to 100% in little to know time. You can help Ovio become a mass produced product by donating to them on their kickstarter.

-Sean Terry