Poster Design

Since my topic for my essay focuses on desktop publishing software I thought I would focus on a medium that this software can be used to create; posters. Posters are often used in the world of technical communication to get information across to viewers quickly.

I came across this article on Poster Presentations which gave effective do’s and don’t on poster design. This document brought up a good point that I see all the time on posters, “DON’T – vary the type sizes and/or typefaces excessively throughout the poster. For example, don’t use something different for every bit of text and graphics”. I’m not sure why, but for some reason people love choosing a different font and color for each block of text. Please, do everyone a favor and choose 2-3 different fonts (at the maximum) and don’t go crazy.

Since most often you are trying to convey information that will catch a readers attention while quickly passing by, it is important to keep your text short. Readers won’t even stop to glance at a poster if they see large chunks of text or a lengthy title. The point of a poster is fast, easy and accessible information, don’t make the reader dig.

Remember the tips above and those in the article of the link provided, and don’t hesitate to post any questions you may have to this blog! We are here to help!